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What is the purpose of the Ask LITS board?
The purpose of the Ask LITS Board is to allow users to anonymously ask questions about and receive answers from Library, Information, and Technology Services (LITS). 

Why use the Ask LITS board?
Ask LITS was created to answer research inquiries and questions about LITS. Questions related to other campus departments will usually be referred to those departments or offices. General shout-outs or doodles may be erased when space is at a premium in order to make room for more questions. Inappropriate or offensive questions or language will be erased, for example posts that use profanity, or negative comments about a specifically identified individual. 

How long will it take to get an answer?
Usually within 24 hours on days of the week when our professional librarian staff are on duty (Sunday through Friday during semesters, Monday through Friday during breaks). Questions received late Friday or on Saturdays (during the semester) may take as long as 72 hours to answer.

Who answers the questions?
Questions are answered by LITS staff, including representatives from all of our departments. Research and Instructional Support maintains the Ask LITS board and, aside from answering many of your research-related questions, also makes sure that your other questions are routed to the LITS department best able to answer.

Will my questions - and the answers - be saved anywhere?
Questions usually remain up on the board for approximately 2 weeks (sometimes less during busy periods when the board fills up quickly), then are digitally photographed and archived in LibAnswers, LITS's online Library Help site, under the Ask LITS board topic.

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