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You may be needing some new sources of support. Could be speaking to your professor of a SAW mentor if you're finding it hard to connect with your school work. or maybe try religious life or the counseling service office.

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  1. I was in your shoes once and did end up taking a leave for 1 semester. That 1 semester turned into almost 6 years of fighting to get back. It can be really challenging but there are so many resources on campus - the struggle is having the energy and resilience to find, access and follow-through with them.

    Here are some really great ways to begin:
    * Make an appointment with a counselor at the health center - they can be really wonderful resources and they'll support you on your journey.
    * Go to the SAW center, go to your professors and speak with them - they're also really wonderful resources and the more you chat with them, the more you'll get to know what they expect and how to succeed in their respective class or classes.
    * If you feel like you don't belong here for any reason, know that you absolutely do. 'impostor syndrome' is real but it doesn't have to define you. Your journey, your fortitude, every part of who are are and who you will become is what makes Mount Holyoke such a special place. Allow yourself to have your own journey.
    by a fellow student on Nov 21, 2017.

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