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619 is a seminar room in the corner of the South stacks in the library. To get there from the front door:

  1. Come through the library front door into the courtyard/atrium.
  2. Turn right and go up TWO flights of the large marble stairs to the landing on floor 6.  * Note- there is a landing on floor 2 and 4, you don't actually see floors 3 and 5 on these stairs.


    Turn left and take the small elevator up to 6.
  3. At the landing on level 6 there will be book stacks to your left, and a long hallway with doors to your right.  Go LEFT towards the books.
  4. A few shelves in, you will see a sign hanging from the ceiling with an arrow pointing to "Seminar room 618", and a blue line on the floor.  Follow these to the corner of the space and you will see the door to 618!

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